We organise regular activities. All payments are direct support towads the upkeep of the premises and horses


Most popular

Swimming with the horses

This is only a summer activity for practical reasons. For this activity, spots filling up almost immediately, contact us if you’re interested!

Something special


Would like to have something different? Book a professional photoshoot with horses for Holy Communion, graduation, product showcase, anything you can think of. Stand out of the crowd!

Regularly organised

Pony camp

Let us show your kids what it takes to own and take care of a horse. Teach them responsibility, learn to stay calm and have a wonderful day at the rescue. 

A shorter program

Pony ride

There isn’t many place left in Malta where you can connect to with nature, but one of the best ways to do it is on horseback!

It is a safe activity where our volunteers lead the horses for a walk around in the vicinity of Siggiewi.