You don’t need to adopt a horse to help

Sponsor a horse

Some ponies will stay with us forever. Either too old, injured or have certain behavioral issues which makes it impossible to get them adopted. We still would like to give them a chance with Your help. All funds collected from sponsors will go for the upkeep and care of these horses which include feed, bedding, farrier and any medical treatment tyhey may require. Choose one of the options below


With VisitWithout Visit
How does it work

Sponsorship schemes

Sponsorship with optional visit

If you live in Malta and would like to have a taste of what it’s like to own horse you will not be disappointed with this option.

You have the option of a weekly visit where you get to take care of the horse you choose to sponsor. This includes – cleaning stables and paddocks, preparing the feed and grooming. It does not include horse riding,

All visits will need to be pre-booked via our Facebook page. Like this we can ensure that there is an experienced volunteer to assist you.

Sponsorship without visit

If you live abroad or have little time on your hands but you still want to contribute to supporting one of our rescues you can select a horse from this section. These horses are either living out on the field or are can only be handled by RMJ’s experienced volunteer teams.

When you sponsor one of these horses you will receive weekly updates or videos from one of our volunteers.