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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost to own a horse in Malta?

This is one very important question. Horses are not cheap to keep, and since Malta has to import most of their food, it can be more costly than other places where they can just grass freely. According to our experience, it is a minimum of 300 EUR a month just for the hay and other food. Plus farrier every 6 weeks or so, vaccinations and other vet costs are recurring from time to time.

How much does adopting cost?

We do not charge for the horse adoption in Malta, but naturally, we never turn down donations. For abroad we ask you to contribute to the transport cost. We finance it mainly from donations but your help is necessary.

What is the difference between adopting and fostering?

Fostering is temporary, if you have the free capacity in your stable, you can help us to keep a horse until it will be ready for adoption. Sometimes fostering turning into adoption, if you fall in love with the fostered horse... Adoption is a long term commitment, that you keep the horse until the end of its life. We have a policy that if a horse was once in our care it will always have a place with us, but please only adopt if you can see yourself giving a real forever home. We understand that your life situation can change, but please see your options and think it through carefully before apply.

Will I need additional veterinarian services?

Obviously it is easier to rehome healthy horses but ex race horses or neglected cases can have health problems. We will tell you all issues with the horse what we know about, but we can not guarantee that no problems will show with time. 

I would like to adopt but doesn't have a field or stable

There are many stables in Malta where you can rent a paddock for your horse. We are in contact with many places, therefore we can help you to find a suitable stable for you. 

I would like to adopt, but don't know much about horses

As we said horses are a big commitment. If you are not sure you are ready, you can sponsor a horse in our care, or come and volunteer. You can take classes in horse handling, see what is involved, learn more and then you will be ready to take a horse home! Be careful, you will get the horse bug quickly 😀

Can I adopt a horse for racing?

These horses are retired from racing. Strictly. You can retrain them for riding or keep them as pets, but they already over one or two racing career, if you attempt to use them for that again, we take the horse back. There is no exception under this rule. If you looking for a horse for racing purposes, please do not contact us.