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You don’t throw away a whole life just ’cause he’s banged up a little.


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Who are we?

About RMJ

RMJ Horse Rescue is based in Malta and started around 2016. We used to look for horses needing rescue, rehabilitate them and then a find them a home. Through social media and word of mouth, people started finding out what we were doing and suddenly horses bound for slaughter where then finding us.

A place to call home..

End of 2019 we had to move quickly to a new facility, which was an abandoned pig farm. We had almost no time to make it suitable for horses. 2020 was a tough start for all of us, but our new home nestled in the countryside of Siggiewi slowly but surely becoming beautiful sanctuary for our horses, thanks to our volunteers and generous supporters from Malta and abroad.


Fast forwarding to today, our activity has grown very fast and today every horse being sent for slaughter or neglected is made aware to RMJ Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation. Additionally, we are the only NGO in Malta that can take in and rehabilitate neglect cases by Animal Welfare in Malta.

Approximately 300 horses are imported in Malta every year for sporting activities such as racing and polo. Due to the size of the island and the cost of their maintenance, most of these horses are destined for slaughter once they are injured and not fit for the track or retired.

Our Mission

So what exactly do we do at RMJ Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation? How do we strive to manage this never ending influx of horses?

RMJ Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation has 4 main missions:

  1. To maintain all the horses in our care, many of which have special needs. Today RMJ is home to over 80 horses.
  2. To rehome as many of these horses as possible; some locally but mostly abroad broad. On average we send to the UK approx. 9 horses a month as part of our Project Back to the Green (PBG)
  3. To make more room for more horses which means building more stables – the more space we have the more horses we can take in.
  4. To raise awareness and give something back

RMJ Horse Rescue is run entirely by volunteers and completely dependent on public donations.

How can you help

Looking for supporters

rmj horse rescue

Sponsor a horse for a month!

Every month we publish the names of horses who don’t have a regular sponsor. Choose one, and for a one time donation help this horse out! You can visit us and meet your chosen rescue or we send you photos and updates if you live abroad!

rmj horse rescue

PROJECT Back to the green

With directed donations we can rehome our horses abroad, where they can enjoy the green fields until the end of their lives. Many of our retired racehorses are completely healthy, they can be ridden, and be perfect pets for You!                                  

rmj horse rescue

help with our feeding Bills

You can help by contributing to our feed bills by buying horse feed via our online shop. 

rmj horse rescue

Simply make a Recurring donation

If you would like to make a recurring monthly donation please click on the link below. Every little counts!
Getting Involved

Save an Animal

Adopting a horse

Most of our horses are coming from racing, usually thoroughbred or standardbred. After finishing racing, most of them would end up in the slaughter house, because of lack of space. Also unfortunately we have cases of neglected horses and ponies. You can adopt from Malta or with our “back to the green” program when we rehome horses abroad. Contact us on Facebook Messenger for more info by clicking on the link below.

MakING a Donation

If you can not adopt, but would like to help out, every little counts! Horses are expensive to feed, many of our neglected cases need regular vet check up, we fix teeth, heal legs, and we always improve our stables to make space for more horses in need. All of these won’t be possible without our generous supporters. Alternatively you can visit our online shop from which all proceeds go entirely to the support of RMJ Horse Rescue

Our Supporters

RMJs horse rescue supporters


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Go Malta

What we do

Our Services

rmj horse rescue

Rescuing horses

Taking in abandoned, neglected horses, rehabilitate and finding new, forever homes for them. This involves lots of hard work and huge bills. Unfortunately horses are very expensive to keep. Help us so we can continue our work!


rmj horse rescue

Pony riding

Give an unforgettable experience of a horse ride to your kids. In summer, we also organise swimming with horses. Places are limited, contact us or visit our Facebook page for more info

rmj horse rescue

Pony camps

Organised 2 hour activity where kids can learn about horse grooming, handling, what is involved in having a pony. Great experience for young and older ones as well.  



rmj horse rescue

Birthday Parties

You can book our event space for a birthday party. We will provide you with the space and combine the party with a Pony Camp as described above. You can contact us on Facebook for more info.

rmj horse rescue

off facility visits

We visit schools to raise awareness, organise photoshoots. In summer you have a chance to come and swim with horses. We are open for ideas if you would like to arrange team building programs or other events.

Contact us by email or Facebook with your requests

rmj horse rescue

Sanctuary TOURS

If you have never visited our stables and would like to book a tour you can contact us on Facebook to book your tour. Tours are done by our volunteers who would be happy to show you around against a small donation fee.


What Drives Us

Our Mission

The aim of RMJ’s Horse Rescue is to rescue horses who are severely neglected or bound for slaughter and care for them until they are ready to go to their forever home.

Get Involved

People can help by donating, fostering, sponsoring, organising fundraising events and volunteering. 

Upcoming Events

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Meet our horses

RMJ himself

Permanent residents

These horses already have found their forever homes. They are helping us with our events, teaching you riding, giving therapy or just enjoying their retirement.

horses in rehab

Horses needing sponsors

These horses came either in bad condition or with behavioral problems. They have low chance to get adopted, but they have forever homes at RMJ with Your help!

RMJs horse rescue Back to the Green

the lucky ones

These horses are our success stories. They have already found their forever home in Malta or with the Back to the Green project


Adoption Notes

Research before adopting

Unfortunately we had many horses returning into our care after adoption, because the new owners did’t realise how much commitment is in owing a horse. Please read this article carefully before appying

Back to the green project

How can you adopt a horse from abroad through RMJ? Read about our Back To The Green project, available horses, next transports and countries.


Feedback from our Sponsors

Sponsoring a horse at RMJ is an amazing experience. It is an incredible opportunity one should not miss out on. The love and joy a horse could give you no one can explain it. It is so rewarding to work and spend time with such a beautiful creature

Rebekah Sultana Porter

Sponsoring one of the horses at RMJ is a unique and rewarding experience. It is a special chance one should not miss out on to find and support beauty and peace and to know that you are doing something noble. Both myself and my family felt the beauty and the blessing of being close to these wonderful beings as often as possible

Alina Vella

We decided to sponsor Bubbles for 3months as I strongly support the cause of RMJ and admire their endless hard work. My kids are always welcome with open arms by all RMJ team, giving them a chance to spend quality time with animals but also teach them how to treat the horses. My youngest loves Bubbles! Thank you RMJ

Franziska Abdel-Tawab